10 mini breaks idea to increase your productivity

You woke up one morning and decide it's gonna be your best day. You got in to work and did your daily tasks 10 hours straight without stretch. Next. Your productivity levels drop.

What happen is your body and your mind isn't made to work straight on without taking breaks. Study has shown that working straight for at least 8 hours will cause health issues.

Mini breaks help you regroup, assimilate your thoughts and recharge, which than will improve your productivity and concentration.

Here are 10 mini breaks ideas that you could start with.

Take this 15 minutes mini break as a challenge twice a day at mid morning and mid afternoon and see the difference.

1. Get up from your desk and go for a short walk. Remember to leave your phone behind. Checking emails don,t count as a break.

2. Stretch. There are a lot of stretching exercise you can do at your desk or in your space. Switch off your computer screen and start.

3. Do breathing exercise. This will help you either relax or re-energize in ways that you won't believes. Keep at it.

4. Coloring is the new rage for adults. It has therapeutic potential to help you focus and reduce stress. Keep an adult coloring book in your desk drawer.

5. Read. Whether it's an inspirational book or fiction. Read what ever that make you relax.

6. Pop those headphones in. Listening to soothing music when taking a break will help you relax and de stress

7. Be mindful. Start with sitting quietly at a peaceful place and be aware of each breath you take. Or for Muslim recite zikr,

8. Simply doodle. Letting your mind wander as you put pen to paper helps you to stay focused and stimulates new ideas.

9. Solve a crossword puzzle or Soduku helps to stimulate your brain.

10. Have a snack. Just make sure it's a healthy one. Heavy snacks will just make you lethargic.

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