10 Random act of kindness most appreciated

Kindness promotes empathy and compassion; which in turn, leads to a sense of inter connected with others. When we practice random acts of kindness, It releases an energy. We feel better and the recipients of our acts feel better, which then makes them more likely to be kind to other people

Here are some awesome ideas that most people appreciate.

Help an elderly person with their groceries.

We’re all going to get old one day and see what it feels like when every physical movement hurts. While you’re at the grocery store, help an elderly person who’s struggling with their groceries.

Carry them out to the car for them. It only takes a few minutes but it shows respect to the generations that came before us.

Give a compliment.

“You look refreshed today”
“Love your t-shirt. Where did you get it from?”
“I wish I had muscles that good. What’s your secret?”

Compliments only work if they are genuine. Find something about every person you meet that you admire. Don’t keep it to yourself — share it!

Inspire someone who is a little down.

Tell someone how much you thought of him and how you could see him doing much bigger things in life. That belief from someone else made him feel good. It cost you zero.

Make someone laugh.

Poke fun at yourself once in a while — it’s the best way to make people laugh. 

Offer an introduction.

When someone looking for a new job. Tell him that you could introduce him to a few companies.

The prospect of some outside help made him smile. It takes two seconds to make an intro. This small kind act could completely change someone’s business or career.

Let someone in when you’re driving.

It’s such a small gesture yet it’s an act of kindness that you can do anytime you’re driving. It’s an easy way to get some runs on the kindness scoreboard and build a strong foundation of random kindness into your day.

Buy everyone coffee.

What’s it cost? A few bucks? Who doesn’t love a hot drink?

Coffee is a small gesture that packs a powerful punch — pardon the pun. You don’t need to gift a Ferrari to show someone kindness. I’ve found the smaller pleasures in life actually have more of a lasting effect.

Pay for the persons lunch in front of you.

Another small treat that shows the world strangers care.

Force someone in a business negotiation to commit to kindness.

Hold the elevator.

Next time you see someone running for the elevator, put your hand in front of the sensor so they can get in.

If you’re feeling really bold, strike up a conversation with them. Are a few extra seconds in the elevator really going to mess up your super productive life?

Volunteer at the local homeless shelter.

They can always do with the help. Seeing people who have nothing and listening to them can help bring them social interaction.

This is much more powerful than any material item or even money.

Send flowers to a woman.

Pick a woman in your life and send flowers to their workplace. Tell them how much they mean to you and write how they’ve made a difference to you.

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