33 Act of Kindness for the classroom

Promoting act of kindness teaches empathy and good citizenship. No act of kindness however small is ever wasted. Check out this compilation of ideas on how you can practice in your classroom.

1. Hold the door open for the person behind of you

2. Let a classmate go in front of you in line

3. Give a friend a pencil

4. Tell someone you are happy to see them

5. Give your teacher a compliment

6. Give the principal a compliment

7. Read a book to your friend or younger student

8. Be ready when the teacher starts class

9. Say hi to someone you don't know

10. Write a thank you note to the librarian

11. Pick up trash in the classroom

12. Be a helper to your teacher

13. Clean your desk without being asked.

14. Write your teacher a nice note in your homework

15. Draw a picture for the art teacher with a nice note

16. Help another student with their classroom job

17. Tell a joke or make someone laugh

18. Say Good Morning to others when you got to school

19. Bring a treat for someone else

20. Give a book you are done with to other student

21. Donate books to the classroom

22. Donate tissues or any other things for the classroom

23. Say please and thank you a lot

24. Dry the slides and swings in the playground after it rains

25.Compliments your friend's parents

26. Clean up, even if you didn't make the mess

27. Let another students borrow your stationary if they needed

28. Tell someone you are thankful for them and why

29. Give the cleaner a thank you note

30. Smile at people, especially to those who are not smiling

31. Invite someone to play with you at recess

32. Buy a drink for a person during recess

33. Make a pretty bookmark and leave it in a book in the library

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