Chance for a change

Do you recognize the situation? 

We remain stuck in the same job for half of our lives because we are afraid of doing something new or we doubt whether we are good enough. 

We humans are creatures of habit. We tend to be repeating such behavioral patterns again and again. Habits can indeed give us a feeling of security, but often also give us a false sense of security and prevent us from taking advantage of great new opportunities.  Habits inhibit changes for the better; they make us blind to the big picture. 

Humans tend to get lazy and used to old habits. This is a classic human behavior we should avoid. Keep tabs on yourself so it doesn’t happen to you. 

Our country experience Change just recently with the Change of our government. The party that has rule the country for more than 60 years has witnessed collapsed and Malaysians has chosen a new government.

The New Malaysia.

The rakyat, on May 9, voted for change and now look forward to an administration that, in their own words, practises competency, accountability and transparency. The change in administration has also imbued people with a refreshed sense of freedom, but, like other human rights that matter, exercising freedom must be reasonable.

It is also time for Malaysians to think about what they can and should do to contribute to the making of a better Malaysia.

it is highly essential for Malaysians to change their attitude and behaviour and refrain from acting in ways that are detrimental to the nation.

Firstly, we need to stop reckless driving, ignoring traffic signals, road bullying and offering bribes to enforcement officers when apprehended. We must also refrain from causing obstruction to traffic flow by double parking or driving into and staying in the yellow boxes while waiting for the traffic light to turn green.

Such behaviour shows we do not have civic consciousness and courtesy.

Throwing rubbish indiscriminately, showing disrespect to the elderly in public transport and polluting the environment also indicate lack of civic responsibility.

Another indication that many Malaysians have yet to discard their Third World mentality is their tendency to vandalise public property. Judging from the frequent complaints on road signs being plastered with illegal advertisements, it appears that the authorities are also fighting a losing battle in the war against those who flout the law.

Being more aware of the environmental states of our country is another aspects Malaysians should look forward to make changes. Switching from disposable to sustainable products that helps to keep the environment safe, health friendly as well as cost saving efficiency are crucial as we look forward to a better nation in the future.

All citizens must do their part to make Malaysia great from all perspectives. It is by no means an easy task but we must all take up this challenge.

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