Disposable vs Washable sanitary pad

Washable Sanitary Pad vs. Disposables: What Comes Out Ahead?

Almost 500 million pads are discarded into landfill every month! 

People with periods are fortunate to live in 2019! We have a huge array of options available to us, unlike our sisters from days gone by. Their options included bleeding onto their clothing, elephant dung, grass, rabbit fur, leaves, and sponges. 

Let's make some comparison between washable/reusable products, such as menstrual cups and washable cloth pads, with disposables like tampons and pads and compare them in terms of the environment, economics and ease of use. 

1. The environment:

Disposable: The average woman will use 12,000 to 16,000 disposable pads, party-liners, and tampons in her lifetime. That's a lot of waste! Plus, think of the manufacturing, shipping, and packaging impact over the years. And it doesn't bio degrade for at least 500 years!

Washable: Reusable cloth pads make a much better option, when considering the environment than disposables. They also last for 5 years or more, with proper care. They’re usually made with cotton so will biodegrade once they’re thrown away. 

2. Economically:


Assuming a woman menstruates for 40 years;
Buys a RM 10 pack of disposable every month = RM 4800

Washable: Buys a liberty kit (1 cycle kit) @ RM 199 , replaced every 5 years  = RM 1592A very powerful reason you should SWITCH! You will save loads of money!

You can do the math: assuming a woman menstruates for 40 years.

3. Health benefits:

Disposables: Feminine hygiene products contain chemicals and pesticides that aren’t good for your body. It’s uncertain what exactly they are because companies aren’t required to disclose ingredients. This is because pads and tampons are considered “medical devices.” Source: Huffington Post. The pesticide comes from the cotton used in them and the chemicals from the manufacturing process. You can alleviate this problem to some extent by using organic options, although these are more expensive. 

Washable: Especially the ones made from organic cotton are much better to have next to your skin than disposables. You’ll probably find that they irritate your skin less, and just plain feel better down there. Be sure to wash your cloth pad before wearing though, in order to get maximum benefits. 

4. Ease of use:

Disposables: Pads and tampons are certainly easy to use. Once you’re done with it, throw it in the trash, or flush it down the toilet. It’s easy to carry a spare in your pocket, purse, or backpack. At the end of your period, you’re done and don’t need to think about it for a few weeks. The only thing to think about is whether or not you have any in your bathroom cupboard! 

Washables: Of course, it require washing. And there’s the quandary of what to do with it if you’re out on the road. Disposables pads are clearly less hassle. 

By choosing washables over disposables, you’re making an eco-friendly choice that also has the added benefits of being better for your body, as well as saving money!

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