Is washing your cloth pad easy?

What do you think?

It may seem daunting to think all that cleaning after your own blood as a very complicated process to do which make it easier to just stick to disposables.

Yet, you care about the planet that your future kids and grandkids going to live in and you care about your health and your loved ones. So you thought you need to make that SWITCH.

Worry not. It is not too hard. Just a little bit of short exercise for your hand muscles.

Many thought it is unhygienic to wash your own bloody pads. Actually NO. Think about when your period starts unexpectedly and so accidents happens on your underwear, pants or even bed linen. Would you throw them out caused of this? 

Cloth pads are essentially washed in the same way as you would a regular load with stains on them. The only thing we emphasized is the use of natural laundry detergents and soaps to keep fabrics soft. (It's better on your skin too.) And once you wash them, make sure to dry them completely before storing them away to prevent any damage to the pads. 

Washing instructions

1. Soak half an hour for heavy stains

2. Or let water run through your cloth pad

3. Wash it with soap but do not bleach and do not add fabric softener

4. Hang to dry


Hope this will answer your curiosity.

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