Travel hacks for those on a budget

Here are some genius travel hacks for your ideal travel on a budget trip.

1. Plan around off-peak travel times

Be aware of the seasonality of travel. What is considered to be “off-peak” in one country might not be in another. Various destinations have different tourist seasons so make sure to do your research. With a little planning you can ensure you plan around the price hikes and tourist swarms! 

2. Stay in hostels

This one is pretty obvious but it cannot be overstated just how much more wallet-friendly budget accommodation options like hostels are compared with hotels, resorts and rental homes. Not only are you getting lower prices (some hostel beds are literally just a couple of dollars per night), but you’re getting the authentic backpacker atmosphere, and memories to last a lifetime. 

3. Take free classes

So many hostels around the world offer free classes for guests. You can sooth your soul with some yoga, learn how to whip up some local cuisine, or even take a free surf class. With a little research it’s pretty easy to find out which hostels offer the best free classes for backpackers.

4. Hostels often have free food

It may seem obvious, but SO many hostels offer free food. Yeah of course breakfast is often a given, but there are hostels all over the world that provide baked goods, BBQ, pizza nights and loads more. Stock up on free eats to take with you while you’re off adventuring for the day! Some hostels dishes are more delicious than you’ll ever imagine. 

5. Treasure experiences over material things

Souvenirs are overrated. Seriously! Instead of bringing back a suitcase full of touristy paraphernalia, why not focus on collecting memories and experiences instead of material things. It makes your travel so much happier, your bags so much lighter, and your wallet so much fatter. 

6. Work in a hostel

Save even more money on accommodation by working in hostels too. Most hostels need cleaners and reception workers and many offer work exchange programs where you work a few hours per day in exchange for free accommodation. The same for some shipping companies, where if you lend a hand they take you to your destination at no cost.

7. Book in advance

Another simple thing to remember, but often prices will go up as time gets closer to your trip. Booking train journeys, hostel beds and of course air travel ahead of time guarantees you won’t get stuck having to spring for a flashier room or a last minute price gouged flight. 

8. Book using a private browsing window

Always make sure you clear your browser cookies, and even use a private/incognito window while searching for flights. Websites have a tricky way of tracking what prices you’ve been quoted in the past, so in order to make things competitive and cheap, make sure you’re browsing on the hush! 

9. Be flexible

This might be one of the most important qualities for a budget savvy backpacker to have. Being able to drop plans and switch things up at the last minute will help you take advantage of deals and opportunities that arise on your travels. Don’t be tied to your plans. 

10. Be open to new places

We all have lengthy bucket lists but don’t be married to them! Sometimes some of the most amazing destinations in the world aren’t on your radar yet but are totally worth the trip. Often they’ll even been cheaper too. This year a whole batch of previously under the radar destinations are emerging as backpacker havens, partly because they just aren’t as expensive as the traditional hot spots but still pack a hell of a punch. 

Source: hostelworld.com

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