Why you would love Malaysia.

We have seen through 62 years of independence. We may have our own not proud moments being a Malaysian. But let's not focus on the bad part. Anything has it's pro's and con's. Instead let's find out as much as we can about Malaysia that we love and proud of.

Here's a list of reasons why you would love Malaysia like we Malaysian do.

1. Incredibly delicious food

Malaysian’s love their food and you’ll have no trouble finding mouthwatering local and international cuisines just about everywhere.

2. Multicultural haven

Malaysia is a country that takes pride in its heritage that includes traditions and cultures of many ethnicity and religions. Here, everyone celebrates each other’s cultural festivals and shares in the history they’ve made together.

3. East and West fusion

From the rich heritage stems country that is constantly moving forward and growing in pace with the West while still treasuring it’s  Eastern history. The best representation of this fusion can be found in the architecture that incorporate design elements of both East and West.

4. Events and festivals

Malaysia has hosted and will probably continue to host a number of international events, festivals and celebrations.

5. Safe from natural disasters

Located just outside the Ring of Fire, Malaysia is relatively free from major earthquakes. There’s also no active volcanoes and the only climate related problem to watch out for are flooding in coastal regions during the monsoon season and droughts.

6. Strategically located in Southeast Asia

Malaysia is within flying distance to many other countries, making it great for regional travel.

7. Spectacular islands

Malaysia has islands that are known globally like Langkawi and Penang, as well as some hidden gems of smaller islands mostly around the East Cost of Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah in East Malaysia.

8. Mount Kinabalu

The tallest mountain in Southeast Asia, Mount Kinabalu is located along the Crocker Range in Sabah, within the Kinabalu Park which is a world heritage site.

9. A peaceful country

Malaysia is one of the top 30 most peaceful nations in the world, ranked at number 28 out of 162 countries, according to the Global Peace Index 2015.

10. Top retirement location

Malaysia was ranked 4th by Forbes in their list of Best Countries to Retire To 2015. And in 2013, US News ranked Georgetown in Penang and Kuala Lumpur among the best cities in the world for retirement.

11. Healthcare services

Apart from having good healthcare facilities and professionals, Malaysia is also known for being a medical tourism destination in Southeast Asia and was awarded the 2015 Public Private Partnership Medical Travel Destination of The Year Award by the World Medical Tourism & Global Healthcare Congress.

12. Friendly and generous people

Just about every person in Malaysia is kind and pleasant. If you smile at a stranger and they’ll likely smile back.

13. Public holidays

According to Business Insides Australia, Malaysia ranks 5th for countries with the most public holiday, at 15 days. That’s already a lot of days, but Business Insider probably didn’t take into account the many state holidays, which would increase that number depending on which state you’re in. We have the multicultural society here to thank for that.

14. Business

According to the Global Finance Magazine in 2015, Malaysia is the world’s 18th easiest country to do business.

15. Rain forests

Malaysia is also home to two of the oldest tropical rain forests in the world: Taman Negara and the Royal Belum Rain forest, both approximately 130 million years old.

The lists can go on and on and on. How about you? What do you love about Malaysia?

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